Further Proof That Wreck-It Ralph Just 'Gets' It

At this point my expectations are sky high. Wreck-It Ralph has to be the best animated movie since Toy Story. It just has to. So far they've done everything right — great trailers, great casting, amazing concept — and this new piece of viral marketing is no exception. It's a totally made up ad for the fictional Fix-It Felix game the movie's titular character stars in. And it's just perfect.

Yeah I know — it's marketing. I get that. But man, I just love how brilliantly this movie is appealing to the correct sensibilities and, best of all, Wreck-It Ralph just seems to 'get' what we enjoy about video games and video game history.

You better not disappoint me!

[Shakes fist]

Must Watch: Cool Retro Commercial for 'Wreck-It Ralph' Arcade Game [FirstShowing]


    Can't wait for this... Why does it have to be pushed back to December 26th!?

      It's one of the biggest box office days of the year!

      December 26th means that Disney think the movie's going to be big. It's a massive vote of confidence. (So I guess the test screenings went well then.)

    So pumped to see this movie.

    Can't believe we have to wait until Boxing day for this.

    Disney are seriously stepping up since Tangled. Which itself bests most Pixar movies.

      Disney and Pixar are the same company. I'm sure there's a lot of sharing of skills / knowledge / people across the different movies.

        In fact, John Lasseter, the guy who was rejected by Disney before starting the company that became Pixar, has been involved in Tangled and Bolt, along with most Pixar movies to date.

        Last edited 09/10/12 3:49 pm

    I'm actually begging my children to come and see this with me, instead of the other way around. Bravo.

    It's got video games in it. It's already the best movie ever made.

    i am trying to convince my wife to let me take my son


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