Game Developers Stuck In Jail Because Greece's Legal System Is On Strike

A month ago, a pair of developers working for ArmA developers Bohemia Interactive were arrested by Greek authorities, who claimed the holiday snaps they were taking of a military installation were acts of espionage.

It seems a ridiculous story, and one that should have had a swift resolution, only...there's nobody around to resolve it. Panagiotis Eleftherioy, the lawyer for detained pair Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, says that the reason they're still sitting in a jail cell in Greece is because the Greek legal system is basically on strike, just one of many arms of everyday society paralysed or in revolt over the nation's financial woes.

They're not due to return to work until at least October 20, meaning Buchta and Pezlar, regardless of their innocence or guilt, are just...left there.

Get ARMA3 devs home: Ivan and Martin jailed (about 1 month) in Greece []


    I've been following this one closely. I hope the poor guys are returned home safe and sound from what really should have been resolved before they even were put in prison.

    Looking on the bright side, at least Bohemia Interactive will have some great first hand intel from inside a Greek prison if they ever need it in a future game :P

    greece used to have a legal system, then they took an arrowstrike to the knee

    Greece... a third world country in disguise.

    Lesson here is if you want to go to a country and take photos of their military bases, ask first and explain what you are doing before you do it.

    Greeks invented the back-door - just an thought ;)

    If you're stupid enough to go to Greece, then there's no helping you.

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