Gaming App Of The Day: A Platforming Classic Goes Free On iOS

Gaming App Of The Day: A Platforming Classic Goes Free On iOS

LostWinds isn’t a new game. It’s been around for years, first on the Wii, then on iOS devices. I’m mentioning it again and now, though, because for a limited time it’s suddenly free.

This isn’t just one of the best platformers on iOS, it’s quietly one of the best platformers this hardware generation, combining a gorgeous art style with some fancy motion controls (now transformed into “swiping and tapping” controls).

The iOS version isn’t as precise as the Wii one in terms of character movement, relying on an adventure game-style pointer, but it still works, activating your powers with swipes is super easy and with retina visuals it looks great.

Lostwinds [iTunes App Store]


  • Never really liked the feel of the controls on this game.. I’m not sure what it is about them that rubs me wrong but it’s there.. but if it’s free.. I might as well grab it.. I’ve only played it on my sister-in-law’s device.

    • Same. Unfortunately, by the time I heard that the sequel was available, the Wii was buried under far to much

        • Yeah I played the first one and loved it, but by the time the second one came out I got a decent gaming computer and the price was hard to justify next to Steam sales. A bit further down the track, Mass Effect 1+2 for $10 or Lostwinds 2 for $15? Etc. Shame Nintendo never did sales on the Wiiware stuff.

    • The movement controls aren’t that great, but they work.

      If you tap and hold the side of the screen, you will constantly move in that direction. Or you can tap and you will move to where you tapped.

      They system gives the priority to the wind, which is where it’s needed.

      I’m enjoying it as much as I did on the Wii.

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