Gaming App Of The Day: This Is Role-Playing In Its Purest Form

Long before there was a Final Fantasy or an Ultima, role-playing was strictly something a group of friends did around a dining room table cluttered with pieces of paper, rulebooks and dice. Knights of the Pen and Paper captures that experience beautifully.

Countless games have boasted bringing the pen-and-paper role-playing experience to video games over the years. The Neverwinter Nights series came pretty close, allowing a player to craft a custom adventure and then let players run through it, but it wasn't quite the same as sitting at the head of the table, peering over your dungeon master screen at a group of eager players. Setting the mood with props, purchasing the proper snacks for an evening of play acting and dice rolling — these are lost in video games, or they were.

In Behold Studios' Knights of the Pen and Paper (available now on Google Play, coming soon to iOS), you can spend money on expensive themed furniture to bolster the mood and by extension the stats of your adventuring party. You can order them a pizza. You can listen to them complain that there aren't enough attractive wenches in your campaign.

These familiar trappings wrap themselves lovingly around a standard turn-based role-playing game. You dictate your players' actions (though I suppose you could let friends choose what skills to level up and what actions to use on baddies) as they take on random encounters and epic quests alike. They gain experience and you earn cash, which can be used on more powerful equipment, adding additional party members to your table or snacks.

Aside from a few crashes on my Transformer Prime tablet, the game has been an absolute joy to play, taking me back to the days when most of my gaming was done with one hand in a bag of dice and the other in a bag a chips.

Knights of the Pen and Paper - $1.99 [Google Play]


    Retina display? Lol.

    Looks like it could be good.
    I hate that facebook and mobile gaming has made me suspicious, but I have to ask
    "you can spend money on expensive themed furniture to bolster the mood and by extension the stats of your adventuring party."
    Does that mean in game money or real money?

      Given that we see a $71 price tag in the video, I can only hope in-game money

        Been playing for the last 2 hours, Its fun, and you earn in game currency by completing quests to buy new gear, characters and unlocks.
        looks like they will also have a cash shop, but so far not implemented... least not on android

        It looks like at a later point we'll be able to purchase in-game money with real cash, but you can earn game dollaz in-game easily. :D

        Hello, I'm one of the devs from Behold Studios. That's just like @dnr posted, there's no in-app on Android, it's currently in development. It's not a necessary thing but you will be able to buy it for speeding up your game/etc or maybe in a way like: "omg i love this game i would even pay more for it, let me get an in-app to donate to them." :3

        BTW, thanks a lot for this post Kotaku, we're soooo damn happy with it. Yesterday we got into the Kotaku-US and we loved it and today we got it here, we're loving this even more. <3

          @gty Mate, brilliant game. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Any chance of a WP8 release in the future?

        Game money, of course : )

    Hi! I'm from Behold Studios and I assure you all that the game will only work with in-game money. We'll create a shop with real money to knights money only for those who wish to spend some dollars for a speed up :)

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