Gaming News From Aubrey Norris, The Best Press Release Writer In The Business. Part One.

Every day, many, many PR people send us very boring press releases. And then there's Aubrey Norris, PR rep for Deep Silver. Her press release e-mails are masterpieces. They succeed because they actually make me want to read them through to the end. Even when they're not entirely about Dead Island.

Really, no one else in the gaming biz writes press releases like this. Here's today's, a rare two-in-one:

Subject: Emergency 2013 - a rescue strategy game

From: Aubrey Norris


Yep, that is totally a genre. As a PC strategy nerd, I am totally OK with this.

So like, if you were ever wondering what you should do/what would happen if a volcano just straight up erupted out of nowhere in Switzerland or something, yeah man this is totally your game! That's what you get for being all neutral and shit, Switzerland! :D LOL jk Switzerland we cool, we cool.

I, for one, will be playing this game to see if there is a SWAT team anywhere in it. I've had an obsession with SWAT teams since I was in college (I don't know why?) and they are pretty much the hottest thing ever. I mean, look at this:


How is that not dead sexy? And the shield! Holy shit! :O

Well, it is. >=( DONT JUDGE ME

Press Release attached, Screenshot link below!



We're looking to mebbe do a Collector's Edition for Dead Island Riptide.

But we want the community to decide what goes in it! Not just like some "LOL HERE'S SOME SHIT THAT WAS LYING AROUND IN OUR ORIFICE" thing, you know?

So please, encourage your friends/relatives/communities/Spice Girls Addiction support groups to vote in our poll and let us know what we should put in it!


Aubrey Norris

Manager of Marketing & PR

Deep Silver

Bravo, Aubrey. As always.


    Too bad their games are shit.

      Disagree, there's some really good titles in there:

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