Gaming's Most Impressive Storms

With most of New York City shut down — no trains, no buses, some evacuations — those of us at Kotaku who normally work in the main office are working from home. That's me, Evan, Jason, Chris and Tina. So we're home, looking out our windows as trees begin to bend, winds begin to howl and... is that rain blowing upwards?

Yeah, we've got Hurricane Sandy on our minds. But we'd rather think of some less damaging storms. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Song of Storms comes to mind. It's no storm, but rather a song Link plays to summon a brief and useful bit of wind and rain. That's my kind of weather event.

Share your picks for gaming's most impressive storms below.


    Also, the storm in the second half of Hard Rain in Left 4 Dead 2 was pretty scary.

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      Man, that'd have to be the winner for me.

      Yeah, I've got to put my vote here. That was the most intense storm I've ever been through.

      YES. Hard Rain is easily the best videogame storm I've experienced.

    Agree. I especially like how it almost mutes the VOIP as well to make it harder to talk to your team-mates. Really wow moment first time playing that.

    Awwe, I wish I knew where my OoT cartridge was. I put it somewhere safe along with Majoras Mask... so it's not with the rest of my N64 games.

    Xmen vs Streetfighter

    The stormy sea battle at the end of Phantom Hourglass was tops.

    Also the entirety of Operation: Weather Disaster.

    The last third or so of Disaster: Day of Crisis. Another vote to Hard Rain in L4D2 too

      High five to you for playing that awesome game!

      ...Disaster, not whatever that other one is *waves hand*

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    Red Dead Redemption. You could almost sense one coming in that game. The plains would slowly get dark and over cast and you could see the storm clouds in the distance before it started raining. It would eventually build to thunder and lightning.

    The STALKER series had some good storms as well. It has some of the best lightning effects I have seen in a game (it may have been due to mods though).

    Song of Storms is one of my favorite gaming songs of ALL TIME!

    Any time it rained in Wind Waker was pretty magical....but then again so was the rest of the game.

    Red dead had some awesome weather effects, also the tanker level on mgs2

    The Andrellian Isles from Drakan: The Ancient's Gates was pretty epic, as was the whole of Cold Fear.

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