Gaze Upon The Various Shapes Jake Will Take In The 3DS Adventure Time Game

Man, I didn't realise today was going to be Tina-posting-about-Adventure Time day when I got into the office. If I knew I would have brought in a bunch of candy to eat ferociously while pretending I was eating citizens of the Candy Kingdom. (Cause why not? I don't know why!)

Jake's stretching into various forms in Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! will be limited, just by virtue of the fact that it's impossible to accomodate for all the whacky shapes Jake gets himself into in the actual show. But what can he do? We already knew he'd be a bridge, and Pen Ward told Kotaku he could turn into an anvil.

But these new screens show us definitively what Jake can do. Take a look.

It might not be as robust as Jake's abilities on the show, but I still think Jake deserves an everything burrito for his efforts. Aw, Jake always deserves an everything burrito after that last time!


    Oh man, I didn't get the Adventure Time fuss at first when i saw things about it popping up online... then I watched the show - funniest thing on TV atm imo.... although i enjoy ti more than my 4 year old who was meant to be my excuse for watchign it :P

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