Gearbox Created Some Borderlands 2 Halloween Masks For You To Wear

From the numerous photographs of people dressed up as zombies on my Facebook feed over the weekend, I'm going to go right ahead and assume that most folks had their Halloween bashes over the weekend just passed. But still, do really need an excuse to print off some Borderlands 2 masks and sort of just walk around the streets begging for lollies?

If you head to the official Gearbox site now, you'll be able to download one of three Borderlands 2 pre-prepared masks. If you're like me, however, and have a massively oversized head, it probably won't fit.

You can choose between...

Handsome Jack (who doesn't really look handsome without hair) — Salvador — A Psycho

I didn't realise Handsome Jack had two different eye colours! You'll probably have to poke those out though, if you want to actually see what direction you're walking in.


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