Goldfinger Is A Silly Movie. It’s An Even Sillier Chapter Of 007 Legends

Goldfinger might be the most iconic of all the James Bond films. Even if you’ve never seen it (or, like me, saw it once, long ago, at about three in the morning while not really paying attention), you know its big beats. Goldfinger is the onewhere Bond is strapped to a table with that giant laser beam heading slowly toward his nether regions.

The one with Oddjob, the guy who throws his deadly hat. The one where the villain (Goldfinger) goes all, “No, Mister Bond… I expect you to die!”

Yeah, that one.

So, Goldfinger is kind of a ridiculous movie. And it translates into some rather ridiculous sections of game, in this week’s 007 Legends. Kotaku‘s own Chris Person has assembled the silliest bits together for your viewing pleasure.

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