Google Play Now Has 700,000 Apps

One of the major reasons I've chosen to stick with my iPhone is the App Store itself, and the fact most game developers prioritise developing for Apple devices over Android. But now Google Play is reporting that it has over 700,000 apps available for download, which is somewhere in the vicinity of the App Store.

I would hardly argue that the number itself is any reflection of a changing of the tides, but it is interesting nonetheless. I own an iPhone 4S and an Android tablet, and it has been interesting to note what games are available on each device. For the most part I prefer to play games on my tablet, due to the increased screen size, but that isn't always possible. There have been times when I've had to download games on my iPhone instead.

Still there is an argument to be made that Android provides far more choice and variety when it comes to applications.

Swings and roundabouts I suppose.


    I tend to prefer iOS gaming far more than Android, but that could simply be because I hate my Samsung Galaxy S. But I think it is more than that, iOS offerings seem to be, in general, more polished than their Android counterparts, and I reckon that is in no small part due to the fact that the "tighter" Apple OS and hardware allows for a far more thorough development and QA process.

      Exactly. Android needs to adopt an industry standard for specs, or at least a general OS to use. I don't think spending over twice as much on an iPhone is really worth it, even though the games are better, but I'd like to see Android up it's game. And over time, I'm pretty certain it will.

      I don't have any problems with Android gaming at all. I've never found any games to be "half-arsed" or anything along those lines. It's true that some games won't work on certain hardware, but tbh these days those are a minority, unless you want Tegra-3 specific stuff.

      iOS: the "console" of mobile gaming
      Android: the "pc" of mobile gaming


    700,000 apps and I still can't find a game that I've found addictive.

    The reason I went with the iPad instead of the Transformer Infinity, after careful consideration, was because of the amount of "quality" apps and development support for iOS. Sure, I am giving up a lot of customisation, the ability to expand storage and all that.. but at the end of the day, I want quality apps and ongoing support for my device.

    I have a Galaxy S2, so I know what is out there for Android.. but I find that, for the apps I've owned on both platforms, the iOS ones are usually of better quality, stability and updated more often. This isn't always the case of course.. but it was the deciding factor in my purchase of the device.

    700,000 apps, and yet iv only downloaded 4 that i want / need... so much wasted digital space

    I challenge Google to clean the gutters with the Android Market, at least 50,000 apps on there are nothingness black and white text crap. Such crap apps can usually be found beyond page 6 of any search on appbrain.

    Also, there must be in the neighborhood of 25,000 Koran/Qur'an apps, just saying.

      Are you implying there is no useless crap on the iOS store?

    I would agree that Android has always had more issues with solid gaming and app development because of the many many hardware configurations out there. Google has slowly made the environment more accomadating and it is now becoming more and more seemless between devices.

    Apple, I agree has had much smoother gaming experiences because of standard hardware. However Apple has only had a small handfull of devices released so far. I am now noticing a lot of issues popping up as more and more models of ipad and iphone are released. So while they have had it easy, from my perspective it appears Apple do not have experience managing their environment over multiple devices. It is going to be interesting to see how things start to pan out when 2 more ipad models are released.

    "Swings and Roundabouts"
    thats the 3rd time I've come across this saying in as many days, what's going on???

      Mark is subconsciously asking us to put down our game controllers and build playgrounds for the fat kids.

      or he really misses playing on playgrounds, haven't narrowed it down yet

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