Gotham Overrun With Leather, Latex And Itchy Plants

Last week, Kotaku took a look at the men of Batman. This week? This week, it's the ladies' turn.

Brace yourself for the likes of Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and more.

Any one familiar with Batman knows that the outfits — both for both male and female characters — aren't exactly a snap to pull off — literally and figuratively. They are difficult to make and difficult to wear. Yet, this gallery of cosplayers does that with great aplomb. Bravo!

Here are some — but by no means all — of the best female Batman character cosplay. There are mostly female characters with outfits from the comics, movies, and video games. There are a couple gender bending cosplay, too, as well as remixes. Have a look.

Top photo: Rayi-kun/ormeli/VelvetNeko





















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    Some of them Poison Ivy costumes were something else! Though that first Batman with no mouth and eye pieces made me think of the gimp from Pulp Fiction... haha

      Shameful, that's Batgirl not gimp batman. That is Cassandra Cain who took over after Barbara Gordon was paralysed by the Joker, for a long time she couldn't speak having been taught only one language; violence.

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