GTA V Spring Release Date Confirmed By European Mega-Chain

The "spring 2013" posters for Grand Theft Auto V that leaked this weekend were definitely real, as the European retailer GAME went and tweeted images of the same thing. IGN screencapped a tweet sent by the retailer.

The tweet has since been taken offline. Platforms for the game are Xbox 360 and PS3. No sign of a Wii U or PC version yet (ever?).


    My body has been ready since time immemorial.

    "Spring 2013" only refers to the northern hemisphere, right? Because Rockstar said it will be released "worldwide [in] Spring", which doesn't really make sense unless they plan to release it at different times in the northern and southern hemispheres . . .

    man, if i thought i had wasted enough hours playing bf3 multiplayer along comes gtaV. not that im complaining mind you

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