Guild Wars Comes Alive With Fancy Outfits

Guild Wars — especially Guild Wars 2 — is beautiful. The world is lush and lovely. And the gear? The gear looks great.

The lack of subscription fee might pull players in, but the gameplay and general pizazz keeps them around to save Tyria. And of the more dedicated players, some show their fandom by dressing up. That's what we are looking at today — who pulled off the best cosplay from the Guild Wars world.

These are some, though not all, of the best Guild Wars cosplay around, with dynamite outfits and top-notch presentation. Bravo!

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku's review of Guild Wars 2.

Click on the lower corner of each image to expand to full size.





















    I like the part where commentators point out how much Boobtaku there is lately, only to be shat on by other commentators who claim there isn't.

      Meh, I like boobs.


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