Halo 4's Spartan Ops Gets Its Own Trailer

This almost got lost in amongst all the other big news of this morning, but just in case you happened to miss it — a new Halo 4 trailer dedicated to the Spartan Ops co-op was released, and it looks a little bit spiffing.

Spartan Ops is an episodic, separate co-op campaign and 343 Industries plans to release five new 15 minutes missions each week. 'Season 1' of the content comes free with the game itself, and will deliver 50 of these missions.

Spartan Ops is set six months after the events of the main Halo 4 campaign and, having played a fair bit of some of the missions, I can vouch for its dumb, firefight-esque fun. From what I could gather, Spartan Ops basically takes players from one encounter to the next. It holds up well, and I'm looking forward to playing through it with some of my friends.

As for the trailer above — it's pretty spectacular and a real testament to the resources Microsoft is throwing at this game. Well worth watching.


    This looks awesome, can't wait to take my spartan through this with some mates :)

    That's the girl who's played by Anna Popowell in the 'Forward Unto Dawn' series, right?

      Huh, interesting theory. Hadn't thought of that.

        The Spartan Ops lady is Commander Palmer, pretty much the boss of all the other Spartan IVs. The character played by Anna Popplewell is Chyler Silva.

    Wow... looks pretty amazing. Still annoyed about the Gold requirement, but less so since I scored a free month from a Halo 4 promo last week... gives me a chance to try it out without selling a limb.

    Halo and Cod are piss water... I remember the days when FPS titles had more depth than a fecies filled petree dish.

      LoLoL I've been playing games for around 2 decades now and unfortunately a good proportion of those were FPSs. Gotta say you've got some hardcore rose-coloured glasses on there. Some FPSs were more in-depth, a lot weren't, and a whole bunch were a lot more sucky than Halo.

    Did anybody else see the flashing ONI symbol at the end?

    look @ mi i am so cool and hip coz i dun like wut other ppl liek

    the score is really starting to grow on me.

    from a canon concern though, just how strong is the infinity, from what i gather it doesnt have shields, yet somehow took out a covenant cruiser simply by raming it without a scratch? :/

      The Infinity has 'advanced shielding. Not sure what that actually means, but we'll see.

        It's set 3 or 4 years post Halo 3, and they've managed to get their hands on the tech that the covenant were using in their ships... the the shields should be at least on par with those.

          Actually, the Infinity is decked out with Forerunner tech. It's pretty much the best ship around.

    Looks great. Much better then Spec Ops on Modern Warfare. Simply due to it's story tie in.

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