Halo, Pac-Man, Mario Bros. And Tetris All Feature In This Amazing Half Time Show

Watching sport is great, but half time? Those precious few minutes are usually for rushing to the toilet, grabbing drinks and a hotdog, or reading the massively overpriced programme you bought. Unless you happen to hit up Ohio State University that is. In which case you stay glued to your seat and watch the best half time show ever created.

Ohio State University's half time show is an incredible tribute to video games. Halo, Space Invaders, Pokemon — there's so much there. It's incredibly well done and you must watch it!

Thanks Joystiq


    The sheer memory involved in something like that is staggering.

    I can't imagine they do a new routine for every game though.

      I can promise you they do a different routine for each home game. About 8 games a year. This was particularly awesome

    As impressive as it is, that's why college in America is so damn expensive.

    This video, is probably one of the most impressive things I have seen on the Internet in recent memory. Just incredible.

    Imagine the North Koreans doing this during one of their mass games. It would be so incredibly detailed!

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