Halo Season Pass Now Available, Saves You 15% On Future DLC

This season pass situation? I just don't really get it. Well, I get it, but I don't get it. It seems a little bizarre to me — like pre-ordering DLC! But all the cool kids are doing it, and Halo 4 is no exception. The game hasn't even hit stores yet and Microsoft has just announced a DLC season pass that gives players 15% off all Halo 4 map packs as they're released in December, February and April.

Its official name is the War Games Pass and it's set to go on-sale at 2000 Microsoft Points.

No doubt, it's a commitment. Particularly when you don't know how the community will take to the new game and you don't know how you, as a player, will take to the new game. With Reach, for example, I was done with the game before the final map pack was released. But with Halo 3? I was there till the bitter end. Point being — you just don't know.

But if you're one of those folks that always plays Halo till the absolute death, it might be worth making the investment now.

Halo 4 War Games Pass revealed [Eurogamer]


    Might be worth mentioning that people who get their hands on the Limited Edition, get the War Games Pass for free - http://majornelson.com/2012/10/24/announcing-the-halo-4-war-games-pass/

      Thanks for this, good to know that the Limited Edition is a good overall value edition to have :D

        Really good to know. I wasn't sold on the limited edition but went for it anyway. The War Games pass definitely helps make it worth the extra cost.

      It has also been confirmed to include the helmets and emblem as well when you buy the LE, which is nice.


    15%? Is that all? Pass.

    If idiots want to spend their money on silly things let them :)

      Not that I'm buying one, but why is saving 15% on all map packs idiotic?


        Because you are spending money on a game that hasnt even come out yet, because you know nothing about the dlc that you are paying for. It's 15%, not a huge saving considering they might bring out a dlc pack you wouldnt buy anyway.

          Well to be fair, this pre-launch option wouldn't be aimed at the average player who has that view and isn't a big Halo fan.
          The target would be those who love Halo and always buy the map packs, those who wanted the limited edition but it was out of stock locally or those who buy the console instead of the LE.

          As for everyone else, well of course you would be a bit of an idiot not to AT LEAST try the game first lol.

    Halo has DLC? As a silver member, I have no need for such frivolities... Wait, why does Spartan Ops require Gold!? It's a campaign extension...

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    If you know that you are going to play MP and you are most likely going to get DLC then these passes can save you quite a bit of money. 15% however is quite a small saving however compared to some of the other passes....

    Learned my lesson with BF3's premium. Won't be buying another season pass again.

    I'd much rather potentially spend more money than finding out that the promised DLC doesn't live up to its promises.

    I'm still worried that it will be another "one-gun only" game again. Also worried about how they're treating automatics and the step back for the health and shield system.

    If Reach taught anybody anything, is that forcing people to play the game in a specific play style and move around the map the same exact way for every single game will just push them away towards Call of Duty where every game is different.

    Is anyone else completely turned off from buying an upcoming game when they here about all the DLC coming up for it? I know it stopped my getting Mass Effect 3.

      I totally feel that way, especially with games like Mass Effect, which is why I've only recently started playing through ME2. I only really have time to play through a game once, and when I do, I want to play through the full, feature complete game. Expansion packs were great because they were separate stories that you could enjoy after the main game, but the way they're doing DLC now you feel like you're missing out on the game while you're playing it! I'm going to be waiting till all the DLC for ME3 comes out before I bother with it. It saddens me that Rockstar have stated that while they were proud of their GTA4 DLC, it didn't make enough money and they're moving away from large expansion packs in the future and focusing on smaller 'plug in' DLC.

      This is different to how I feel about the Halo 4 map packs though - I'm not a fan of those because they splinter the community, but they don't take away from the game the way Mass Effect DLC does.

        Yeah, Mass Effect 3 for me wasn't a day one buy, I would have picked it up when it was cheap. But then at its release there was all the fuss about stuff like the Collector party member DLC, to me that sounds like some major plot/lore that's being kept out of the main game. I might pick it up one day if there's a complete edition that includes the DLC.

        The one exception has been Borderlands 2. The first one had some great DLC that really wasn't essential to the main story - although it is now as it is canon with the sequel but whatever - and were actually better in parts than the main game, so knowing that had DLC coming didn't bother me. Time will tell if I regret that, and I may still even buy the season pass there. Pro-tip, DLC that takes me to that orbiting Hyperion base may convince me.

        The Halo games, the few times I did try playing online, I had only one playlist to choose from because I didn't have any of the map packs, and I never did get hooked. At least CoD games are still fully playable without the DLC.

    Why have they done the halo DLC this way?! It's like saying "here is you game. Now pay for the other half that we didn't include." They give you the main campaign and the first Spartan ops expansion of the game but then charge you if you want to finish Spartan ops!! This will be the thing that kills halo. Bad management. There will be so many people that will move to other games that are fully operational without the DLC. Good job 343. Idiots.

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