Halo's Multiplayer Has Changed... This Is Probably A Good Thing

We must embrace change. We must learn to adapt. While I may look at this brilliant, in-depth Halo 4 Multiplayer video and have a tiny little whinge about the 'purity' of Halo's balance, blah blah blah, even the purist in me has to concede that — yes — it looks a little bit spiffy. And yes, I will play it until my wife tosses our TV over the balcony.

But allow me this little whine — maybe Halo 4 will tip things a bit too far in the 'you get points for absolutely everything you do' direction? I like playing multiplayer shooters, not pinball. And I like to see skill rewarded not... other things!

Also — ordanance drops? I dunno...

Okay okay, I'll stop. Halo 4 is looking top notch. And will most likely be completely customisable, meaning that while normal human beings who aren't stuck in their ways can enjoy the benefits of a modern shooter, old fogeys like myself will most likely be able to strip things back MLG style.

Regardless — Halo 4. I'm excited.


    It all looks fantastic and all, but there's one thing I'm wondering about in regards to the updating narrative component. As they are releasing content regularly over the next couple of months, will they be selectable missions that you can just download and choose to play once they are released, or will there basically be one mission per week that everyone plays, and then the next week is the new mission? I'm just wondering how they'll manage this component of it for people who don't get on to the game from day 1 or for people who just don't get to play it as often as others do.

      Each 'episode' will be available after it's release for download. So if you missed it, you can still play it at a later date.

    Sounds like they are messing with the MP balance in the same way most FPS are now. Catering for the noobs maybe a tiny bit too much. Having said this, i suck at Halo MP. Only really ever played the campaign, then maybe a few mp games with Danmazkin and puppylicks. After that the game gets put away, so who knows, maybe a shake up will help me stick with it longer.

    So pumped for halo 4

    Halo 4 is not Halo!!! The competitive gamers are going to be disappointed while the noobs will be enjoying the game. Bringing back the 1- 50 leveling system will make a lot of people happy. This will let gamers play for a better purpose.

      Allt he MLG "Pros" seem to love Halo 4 so far...they seem to think that it's as balanced as ever. Maybe it is...sounds promising for tpeople that care about balance :D

    I think players are finally getting sick of "stripped down" MLG style gametypes. Why bother buying Halo 4 if you're just going to play Halo 2 again?

    Not sure why people want Halo from 2004.

    It's 2012 people. Move on.

    There's nothing wrong with borrowing from CoD in the same way CoD borrowed from Halo on it's way to becoming the juggernaut it is now.

    If you're borrowing elements that improve the game in the right way, and get more people playing online, then I'm all for it. We want Halo to have a more vibrant community than it currently does. If borrowing from the most popular online console shooter does that, then fine.

    Oh man I've been a Halo fan since 1999 (when it was going to release in a year on PC and Mac, and be a 3rd person shooter, LoL) and I usually stick to the singleplayer/co-op side of things. This time however I think I'll have to give the multiplayer more of a go, it looks pretty engaging.

    Also, narrative based multiplayer episodes?! If done well this could be the coolest multiplayer mode ever. Have always thought I'd engage in multiplayer more if there was a bit more story behind it, and now it looks like they're planning to do just that.

    Was skeptical for Halo 4 at first, but now I'm getting more excited at each piece of news I hear.
    Also, mechs are boss :P

    spotted nathan fillion 40 seconds in. i've always enjoyed halo even though i never had an xbox. game looks really grand especially considering how old the hardware has become

    One of the reasons I continued to play Halo multiplayer for so long is because it wasn't CoD, oh well, looks like I'm out.

    I'm moist... That is all!

    The main irk I have with Halo 4 is the lack of new vehicles. So far it seems there's only one new vehicle in MP, and that's just for a single map.

    Other than that, I like the effort they're putting in to make MP more conducive for teamwork. Being able to pass the oddball around sounds very useful as well as getting points for assisting the flag bearer reach the home-base. Also, Dominion reminds me of the glory days of UT3; looking forward to that mode.

    As someone who enjoys playing Halo MP with friends but doesn't own an Xbox to practice, I always get totally slaughtered, and that gets frustrating quickly. It's nice to see that they're looking to even out rewards but keep gameplay competitive, I think it'll make more people fans of the experience.

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