Hawken Beta Starts Real Soon

There have been some secret alpha tests going on for a while now, but a much wider pool of people will finally get their hands on mech shooter Hawken when it kicks off a closed beta on October 26.

Invites will start going out this week, while the beta will run until October 29. More details below.

Announcing the HAWKEN Closed Beta [Hawken]


    I had a quick go at the Alpha and let me just say LAG!!! I had a choice of servers in the US or UK.

      Remember that NDA you agreed to? Still in effect.

      Yeah, I can support this. I killed a few people, but didn't really feel competitive. It was super fun though, would love to see a few Aussie servers, but I won't be surprised if they don't have any on release.

      I played in the alpha and didn't get any lag, it was awesome.
      going to be playing this around the clock when it finally reopens to the public.

    I heard the game was P2P which would explain some of the lag... I cannot confirm this however. I also hear it's basically UT with robuts.

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