Here's An Extended Cut Of That Dazzling Squadron 42 Trailer

Chris Roberts want his next game universe to be big. You get a better sense of the scale that the Wing Commander creator is going for in the longer version of the trailer that ran earlier this morning.

This edit shows off a bit more of the ships and dogfights in the Squadron 42 slice of the Star Citizen gameworld. It still looks so damn pretty.


    Massive kudos for bringing back the space sim, but it just seemed to me that things were a little sluggish?...

      Yeah it did seem a bit sluggish, but it's still early days considering they're stating a late 2014 release date.

        Dev team also said that everything released is rendered by the in game engine - so this is what the game actually looks like - it's not an FMV or CGI cutscene and then the game looks way different! I grew up playing Wing Commander and still have every one ever released on Playstation. If I were any happier my pants would be wet!

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