Here's The New Look For The PlayStation 3's Online Store

Eurogamer has coverage today of a new design for the PlayStation 3's online store. There's no word yet on whether Australia is included in the makeover, or if other parts of the world will eventually get it too. But it looks really snazzy and apparently works well.

Two key excerpts from Eurogamer:

Sitting through a demo at Sony's London HQ, the new store's clean and elegant. The blue background has been replaced with a kind of smoked glass grey, and the font is bold and non-fancy and owned by Sony itself apparently, even if everyone had temporarily forgotten what it was called when I asked. Tiles are gone, and there are huge Microsoft Metro-styled pictures for the main content instead, and that stuff takes up roughly three quarters of the screen, I'd say.


And what of good old Search? Completely overhauled. The onscreen keyboard has been dialled back, and instead you get a column with all the letters in the alphabet, a bit like with the 360. It searches the whole word - MAS returns Mass Effect just above Tiger Woods: The Masters - and it can cope with spelling mistakes and abbreviations. It will bring up Modern Warfare 3 if you search for "MW 3". Selections all have clear tags, too, listing whether you're looking at a game or a movie, and while you can hunt directly for an add-on item by name,

More details are available at Eurogamer. The new store goes live on PlayStation 3 units on October 17, presumably in Europe. We're waiting on a reply from Sony to find out if or when it's coming out elsewhere.

UPDATE: Sony tells Kotaku that the new store will be available on American and Canadian PS3s on October 23.

Settling the Stores: The PlayStation Store Makeover [Eurogamer]


    Recently - Has anyone else noticed the psplus section not 'loading' correctly??

      Yes, but PS store has always been crap. I just assumed Sony were aiming to set the benchmark for crap stores.

    I'd say its coming to Australia since Facebook Australia were the first to announce the new ps store

    Maybe it's the visual aesthetic, but when i saw that picture, my instant thought was: Steam Big Picture mode. However, I'm keen to test the usability of their new user interface; it wouldn't take much to outshine its predecessor.

    Just got an email from Sony. PSP comic store closing this month!

    The current store has been having some major issues over the last month or two... areas not displaying correctly, blank tiles, etc... They have done some dodgy hotfixing in the interim, obviously not looking into it that much seeing as a new store was close by.

    As long as all those issues are fixed, loads faster and the fact they have mentioned they are building in filter options into the download list already makes it better (although not from Day 1 supposedly).

    Just fucking release Counter Strike GO, already. I don't care about anything else related to the PSN at the moment.

    I like it, looks so much better than the old setup :)

    PS Store Prices are so overpriced in Australia, there's almost no point using it. $99.95 for digital Resident Evil 6??? Disgusting!

    Anything has to be better than the current one, what a mess. Takes forever to find anything. Japanese one is even worse.

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