Here's The Newest Trailer For Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Developers Treyarch revealed the launch trailer for Black Ops II today, which you can watch above.

Lots of quick cuts, action and things on fire riddle the latest trailer, which they're calling a launch trailer. Seems a bit early for the November 13th release, but hey.


    Cant wait looks so good treyarch do the best cod games

      People criticised Treyarch for what they did with [email protected] :S

        Lots of people loved waw too :S

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          I loved WaW. The WW era cod games are the best IMO. But this one indeed looks good.

    Have not been this excited for a COD game for a long time (since MW2 but we all know how that turned out... but i think this one will be different). Treyarch seems to at least be attempting to change up the COD formula with the new Pick 10 system in MP, branching story missions and proper PC support with Dedi servers and DX11. Worth a look (for me anyway) at $50.

    EDIT: Also it is the first COD in a while to not look like crap.

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    Am interested in the game, but this trailer could not have been blander if it tried. Made it look like a B-grade action movie.


      Yawn. That NFS: Most Wanted trailer is way more exciting than this!

    Say what you want about CoD's set pieces, but I love them. The part in the trailer with the guy skydiving between exploding aircraft looks unreal, I can't wait to play it. I was afraid this would be another 'safe' CoD rehash, but the future is looking bright for Black Ops 2.

    Even though as my name suggests I like IW games more than Treyarch games, that is not the case. This looks better than MW3, as Black Ops 2 looks to be trying something a lot more unique and daring (machinery, future warfare and jet packs!)

    Note: I meant 'unique' as in the Call of Duty series. Why am I saying this? Because I'll probably get hate towards my comment as Halo, Battlefield and Ghost Recon have all implemented those elements in their gameplay.

    came to see if the tradition of FPS putting a helicopter crash/explosion in the trailer...... pretty sure developers are taking the piss out of it now (though i was surprised that there was no snow level shown lol)

    I want a far future CoD, with a setting like BF2142.

    CoD combat mechanics with lasers and shit. Bring it on.

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