Here’s What Indie PC Smash Terraria Looks Like On Console

Here’s What Indie PC Smash Terraria Looks Like On Console

As we know, Terraria, a game that on PC went from “huh a side-scrolling Minecraft” to “holy crap it’s sold over a million copies” at the speed of light, is coming to consoles.

Here’s what it looks like. So, yeah, exactly the same!

Terraria Teaser Trailer [HD] [Machinima]


    • There’s an extremely good chance the extra content will make the jump back soon. I just wouldn’t expect it on the date the console version launches.

      • No, expecting these console-only features to appear on the PC version is highly unrealistic. This version of Terraria is being developed with minimal involvement from ReLogic. A different publisher (505 Games) negotiated a licensing agreement, and recruited their own Developer (Engine Studios) to make this version of Terraria. For all intents and purposes, this version has nothing to do with the PC game.

  • I have Terraria on PC and I never play it because well I have too many other great games on my PC to play first but on PS3 with multiplayer I could feel this being alot of fun

    • …this makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would you have to time to play it on one system but plenty of time to play it on another?

      Also; how does multiplayer make the difference on playstation, when it was also present on PC?

      • I’m guessing it’s because there were no lobbies on PC, you had to organise games externally. From what I read (in the early days, maybe this changed later) people would post games on forums and by the time you tried to connect they were full.

        Being on PSN/Live means you can easily jump into random games as well as organise games with your friends a lot easier.

      • Consider the following:

        On PC someone has Skyrim, Civ5, and Terraria.
        On their PS3 they have DX:HR and Terraria.

        They have limited time on their computer (shared with others), but a PS3 in their bedroom.

        In their limited time, they’ll play Skyrim or Civ5, which they can’t get anywhere else.
        On their PS3, which they can play at any time, they can play Terraria.

        • Why would their PS3 be in their bedroom but their computer be shared? It should be the other way around, PS3 in front of the TV and shared, PC is personal and in the bedroom

          • Which is which is irrelevant, I’d say. Assume equally a household that has 1 pc and 1 console. There are simply times you may have access to one, but not the other, is the point.

  • Visually it does look just like the PC version, but from every game play clip in this trailer the control looks terrible… Maybe the person playing just isn’t good at the game, but it looks difficult to jump, fly, throw objects and aim guns etc. Even worse seems the grappling, during the aiming at the next spot to attach it you’d most likely be picked apart by flying enemies in certain areas…

    Now THIS is a Terraria trailer.

  • I’m hanging out for Starbound, the next game from the makers of Terraria. It’s like Terraria except with an infinite procedurally generated universe which you can explore with your spaceship.

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