Hey Sexy, Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman, star of the upcoming Wolverine movie, does the horse dance with Gangnam Style maven PSY. Both PSY and Jackman tweeted out pics of the singer's visit to the Wolverine set in Australia. Hijinks, until somebody gets their arm sliced off!

Slicing gangnam style!!!! [@RealHughJackman]

Had a great time [@psy_oppa]

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    Somebody please tell PSY his 15 minutes are up.

      He was was already well known in Korea...I think you mean 15 minutes overseas

    Wait, there's another Wolverine movie?

      They did up part of Parramatta to look like Japan for the movie.
      Because the first thing that comes to mind for most people about Parra is "Japan" .___.

    There was a point where this needed to stop and we've clearly passed it....for both Wolverine movies and Gangnam style.

    IGN news from 3 days ago

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