Holy Cow, It's A Ton Of New Persona 4 Golden Videos

Have I mentioned that I'm excited about Persona 4 Golden? Honestly, it's the one reason I'm thrilled to have a Vita, and one of the games I'm most looking forward to this fall. And would you look at that? Atlus has dropped a ton of new videos of the game on their YouTube channel.

I've never played Persona 4, and I still enjoyed the heck out of these. The one up top marks the beginning of the year. There are so, so many more — I haven't watched them all because while I don't care that much about early-game spoilers in games like this, I still want to go in fresh. But if you want to get a big, healthy taste of what the game will look like on the Vita, go nuts.

New Persona 4 Golden Videos [Atlus on YouTube]


    Persona 4 Golden is the only reason I'm forking out the cash for a Vita. Played the heck out of P4 on the PS2, now I can get my Persona 4 fix on the go!

    Ton, I'm pretty sure,

    Which is comparable to the amount of excitement I have for this game. I'm almost willing to risk buying a vita, just to get it .... decisions decisions :/

    P4 is even better than P3FES, IMO.. I'll be replaying it on PC after I finish replaying P3FES. : )

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