Hotline Miami Creator Talking To Sony About Bringing His Game To The PS Vita

It seems like a perfect fit. Sony has a history of bringing top-notch, indie experiences to a broader market and Hotline Miami has been a super well received game that could do with more exposure. So news that Jonatan Söderström is in talks to bring his hit PC game to the Vita makes a lot of sense.

Söderström told Pocket Gamer he had been talking to Sony about bringing the game to Sony devices, including the PS Vita. Most likely it would result in a similar situation to, say, Sound Shapes — a game that worked cross platform between the Vita and the PS3.

Apparently Söderström "would need someone to port it", but it seems to me that a game like Hotline Miami, with its top down, hyper stylised aesthetic and retro-ish mechanics would work extremely well either on the PlayStation Network, or on the PS Vita.

Söderström is also interested in exploring the options of touch screen controls.

"Would be interesting to see if it was possible to get it to play well on a touchscreen device," he said. "Sounds like a challenge."

Hotline Miami dev talking to Sony about bringing the super-violent indie hit to Vita [Pocket Gamer]


    It was made in Game Maker, so it's compatible with PSP at least e.g. Karoshi. Not sure how much he'll have to change in the code either. Game Maker is awesome.

    Hotline Miami is the third or fourth best drug I have ever taken.

    I'd be down for a copy on Vita.

    Sign me up!

    I'm trying to do a no-killing run of that game. It's a challenge.

    yes, please!

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