How The Heck Does A Gun Work Underwater?

To the internet! The internet always has the answer — and it seems to for this question too. The question arose after watching this clip, which Japanese site Gigazine posted.

In the clip, a Glock 22 fires off a jacketed hollow point underwater, and a high-speed camera captured the whole thing. According to YouTube user VuurwapenBlog, there was no damage to the firearm.

The bullet, however, seems to peter out, which perhaps expands the dearth of underwater shooting in video games.

Glock 22 Underwater High Speed Video [[email protected] via Gigazine]


    Don't try this at home kiddies.

      You can fire one round but the next round won't chamber... You will be able to do this with most a lot of firearms but effective range is pretty much non-existent.

      They tested all this on Mythbusters in an an early season I believe...

        No, in mythbusters they fired a number of weapons INTO the water. Not UNDER the water.

          Actually yes they did, a semiautomatic pistol, and a revolver. They did it to see if pistols will actually fire under water.

    Oops.... "Won't chamber" not correct in all cases, massive generalization, sorry!

    Same way your mum does. Give her a squeeze and watch her blow.........Sorry, I had to.

    For those who don't know much about firearms, it works because the explosive powder inside the bullet's casing has all the ingredients needed for the explosion that pushes the bullet out. No external oxygen required, so they work in space too- but enjoy being propelled backwards!

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    There are special Maritime Spring Cups that you can pop into your Glock to allow a few more than four or so shots to be fired in succession underwater.

    I guess these days you don't need to follow the adage "Keep your powder dry" so much. As mrwaffle said, because the powder is sealed off from the water it can still explode and push the bullet out. However, some powders will produce their own oxygen to allow them to burn underwater, though you either need to have an oxy torch or have lit it before taking it underwater for the fuse to start burning. This is the principle behind some underwater flares and explosives.

      Its the same reasons that guns will fire in space.

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