How To Buy Your Own Giant Mass Effect Reaper

It may not be quite 1:1 scale, but at 18.5 inches, this new Mass Effect statue is still one enormous piece of adult collectible.

Only 1000 of these recreations of the villainous Sovereign will be made, with preorders available at BioWare's store (below). If they're not live when you visit, they should be ready to go by the morning.

It'll cost you $US350 if you're interested, which for something of that size isn't too bad.

Sovereign Reaper Ship Replica (Deposit) [BioWare]


    Just under half a metre tall, phwoar.

      Thank you for saving me from 'pre-morning coffee' mental calculations :) oh and GO Metric System!

    Stop with the Epic Merchandise Bioware. You are sending me Broke lol.

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