How To Split-Screen Borderlands 2 On A Single PC

Borderlands 2 is a game that lives by its co-op - it's fun to play the game solo, but it's even more fun to play with friends. It's even more fun to play with a friend in the same room.

The PC version of the game is truly fantastic, with great graphics, snappy load-times, lots of tweakable options and a much-improved interface. But it doesn't allow for split-screen co-op — if you want to play with friends, you'll have to do it online. Well, until now.

Over in the official Gearbox forums, user Sycdan has posted this thorough step-by-step guide to playing the PC version in split-screen. It involves installing sandboxie, IndieVolume (which costs money but which you can try for two weeks for free), and running the game in windowed mode. You'll also need two controllers that your PC recognises, naturally.

I haven't tried this, as I mostly live a sad and solitary video game life, but the whole thing looks viable, if a bit hacky. Given the way that Steam's big-picture mode has made PC gaming more of a living-room thing, it'd be great to see more and more PC games offering split-screen gaming right out of the box, just like their console brethren. Soon, I'm sure. Until then, where there's a will, there's a way.

PC (Steam) "Split-Screen" Guide [Gearbox Forums via PC Gamer]


    At least fix the headline, this isn't split screen, it's running two copies of the same game (which can be very system intensive)... It also isn't limited to split screen, you can actually run dual screen with two different games on each screen (Which is also not limited to two copies of Borderlands 2)

      Its emulating the good old days of split screen... hence the title. Will be doing this on the weekend :P

    more easily if you have two computers and one steam account just run lan via ethernet cable between the two computers (run steam offline mode, also with no internet on/ if it's a must turn it on after connecting). Enjoy!

    Just a shame you can't get 2 keyboards and mice going as well.

      except you can with dual monitor

        What? How???

          Sorry for the Necro; but I wanted to know if you have it working? if not here you are.

          if you have a computer and not a laptop I presume; your graphics card can use two displays im my case I had my DVI compliant 1400x900 monitor (forced to 720p) and my friends HDMI 1080p (also 720P) and while using Nvidia Surround/what ever AMD's is; You can then use Splitool - allowing even 4 player splitscreen/4 on 4 displays if you wanted. Provided the GPU isnt low range but good; the more players more likelyhood you'll MIGHT need a better graphics card so it can handle the load; even if so; you can lock it at 30fps if you dont like fluctuating ranges.

          I played the entirity of Borderlands 2 and Presequel Coop at my mates place every Tuesday night. (LAN - needs internet iirc - funny but needed even if its in a single machine; the game naturally treats it like two separate machines)

          you can use a M/KB and a Gamepad; im not sure how that would work doing two M/KB as it is used for the player who active window of the game.

          played on 970 GTX 3040x1080? (2xsidebyside game - can do any orientation but whatever works; aslong as its double on whatever you calculate) But splitool does all the hard work <3

          Just remember the save location and or name as its separated If I remember correctly.

          or manually (why bother?) launch the game twice and drag them over to their respective screens in borderless fullscreen.

          SplitTool is avaliable here: the creator had changed the name to nucleus coop

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