How Would You And Your Friends Fare If You Woke Up In Resident Evil?

While the internet has seen no shortage of goofy fan-made zombie and Resident Evil homages, this one still made me chuckle. It comes to us from the mad folks at Rocket Jump — it was directed by Des Dolly and sports some damned impressive production values.

"Where's the helicopter key?"

"We don't know. Like I literally have no idea where the key is."


Resident Evil: Down With The Sickness [Rocket Jump]


    I would be really well off. I have 16 guns, and unlimited ammunition. I have dyes, presses, cases, gun powder, primers. I'm fucking set. Just cut a hole in the roof, and takes turns on duty.

      I have a lot of herbs in my pantry and a taped up cricket bat, if the apocalypse comes please rescue me.

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