Humans Are The Enemy In This Ridiculous PETA Pokémon Parody

Humans Are The Enemy In This Ridiculous PETA Pokémon Parody

You! Person reading this! Scum human. Go play Pokémon Black & Blue, a new Flash game by the folks at PETA, noble heroes and the only people in the world who had the balls to point out how disgusting it is that Mario wears fur.

You will undoubtedly learn quite a lot from Pokémon Black & Blue. Lessons about the world. Life. How to treat your pets. Wait, you have pets? Scumbag.

Support Team Plasma. Free Pikachu. Occupy Unova.



  • I’m surprised you made it past the first trainer to see how bad this gets. I got past the first trainer and shut the window after my “reward” was a video of chickens being beaten and killed. PETA needs to keep it’s views out of video games; after all, they are just pixels on a screen.

    • Same was with Cooking Mama. Funny for a bit, but they take things too far. I’m totally for treating animals ethically and with kindness (pretty much everyone is), but PETA are way more extreme than that, they’re crazy.

      They just use shock value to try and get noticed. They don’t have any valid points to argue so they just use violence and nudity to stay in the spotlight. I think greenpeace is stupid too, that destruction of GM crops was so fucking annoying and completely bloody retarted, but compared to PETA even they look downright reasonable.

      • I also have some negative opinions about PETA but let’s be fair: the “shock value” they use -while ethically dubious as an argument- is not made up. If seeing animals being tortured to death makes you uncomfortable you needn’t take issue against PETA but against the people who actually do it. Of course PETA wants you to notice it and their poor-taste tactics to do so do not invalidate their point at all.

        You are simply taking the reflex negative response at seeing these atrocities against the messenger.

  • There’s a fine line between activist and extremist, and these guys crossed that line a looooong time ago. Anyone who takes the Pokemon games seriously needs a therapist.

  • I played through it, and I’m 100% serious that the makers of this game don’t even care. They talk about how Ghetsis is evil because of a plot twist in the first black and white, Ash Ketchum is battable (he’s weak to water attacks) and they make a snorlax blocking the way joke.

    Plus, I’m pretty sure this is Nintendo’s endgame. Make a team based on Peta, and guess what happens?

    Also, I was like “No, don’t support team plasma, the whole pokemon liberation thing is a ruuusee”

    • @tisme fair use grey area I suppose, would PETA really be making a profit from it? Nintendo could ask them to stop using the Pokemon likeness, doubtful that they’d get awarded damages, but PETA would have already won with the extra publicity gained.

  • If you read some of their website articles there are valid arguments for better treatment of animals and animal rights. However they generally use shock tactics for attracting public attention even though they do actually have some credible articles. It’s a shame since they are more destructive to that cause and do a lot of stupid things.

  • I’d hardly say this is fair use or parody, but a direct rip off of Nintendo’s IP. And by doing this kind of thing they are leaving themselves wide open to lawsuits.

    Also PETA are freaking nuts.

  • how many PETA members does it take to change a lightbulb?

    It doesn’t matter, PETA can’t change anything.

    credit to team meat for that joke.

  • If I was Nintendo, I would be suing the pants off Peta for that. Pokemon is their IP, and I’m pretty sure if you look hard enough you’ll find some explanation with regards to how Pokemon exist inside Pokeballs and the whole battling thing (ie Pokemon exist to battle with each other, why else would there be so many different types that are weak/strong against each other and have all kinds of offensive and defensive moves?). It seems like Peta has run out of ways to twist the real world into what they want to be perceived, so they pick on something that has ZERO bearing in the reality. Seriously, Peta needs a hobby.

  • I’ve played Pokémon since Red and Blue were released on the Game Boy. I’ve never once hurt an animal, because I’m an ordinary person who can tell the difference between video games and reality.

  • Every time PETA issue any kind of public statement I kill and eat an endangered animal just on principle.

  • Is it bad that I actually liked the game? even if it was a little over the top?

    When I actually played Black and White I did agree with the motives of Team Plasma

    • first pokemon theme song
      read the lyrics: thats what pokemon is about
      Pokemon, its you and me
      I know it’s my destiny
      Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend
      In a world we must defend
      Pokemon, a heart so true
      Our courage will pull us through
      You teach me and I’ll teach you

  • Wait, eating meat doesn’t hurt animals? Do you wait around with a knife and fork for them to die of natural causes or something?

  • I hope Nintendo send a Cease & Desist, all those other flash pokemon copies I’ve played were taken down by Nintendo’s lawyers, PETA shouldn’t be allowed to either.

  • I really do hope that Nintendo sue Peta for this. Ive love pokemon forever and only ever liked animals and own two cats, never hurt them infact i help stop them from being hurt by other cats.

  • Sometimes I hate PETA so much that, blood comes out. God why are they so annoying, POKEMON IS PURE AND LOVING, WHAT THE HELL! WE NEED TO LOVE EACHOTHER, not kill each other with tiny monsters that squirm and come out of balls. Jesus

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