Hungry? Here's A Deep Fried Game Boy.

Mmmm deep fried metal. Photographer Henry Hargreaves certainly knows how to make a Game Boy look appetizing. Maybe I can convince Fahey this should be the next Snacktaku entry.

Check the selections below, and hit the link for more deep fried gadgets.

Deep Fried Gadgets [Henry Hargreaves via Slow Show]


    IIRC from the last time these were posted, those aren't actually gadgets, and they're not actually deep fried.

    EDIT: Yup, they're foam, but they are deep fried. And Bashcraft posted these all the way back in June.

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    The gadgets look like they're made of cardboard, particularly the laptop. The keyboard looks really flat, and has warped at exactly the same rate as the keys themselves. The keys look printed on. The corners of some of the flat objects have frayed, just as cardboard were to if it were soggy.

    I call BS.

      They're made of foam. The creator didn't want to worry about any explosions etc.

      Foam, not cardboard it seems. I was close.

      Not to mention it's highly doubtful laptop/phone screens would still display an image after being deep fried.

    I think it's funny you're all saying; "Oh they look fake, they look like they are made of cardboard!". Did the fact that the iPhone and laptop screens both still "work" not give it away that it was fake?

      That's what first made me think it was fake, but then I thought maybe he pasted an image over the real electronics to help us discern what it is.

      It's more the fact that the article purports them to be the real deal.

    Dat repost.

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