I Hope Master Chief Doesn't Blow Up This Halo Ringworld

Kotaku reader Catsy has spent the last three years (on and off) working on this behemoth of a tribute to the Halo universe, rendered entirely in LEGO.

It's a Halo Ringworld, and was shown off over the weekend at BrickCon 2012, where it won "Best Large Planetary Structure in the Space". Congrats, Catsy!

The outer ring of the structure is made out of eight individual segments that are 72 studs long, while the inner ring is held in place purely through tension.

Halo Ringworld [Catsy]


    I still don't really understand how people are making circular (like rounded corners) lego, could someone elaborate for me?

      I don't think the pieces are rounded but they're building it on a subtle circular slant so that it still looks good and blocky while going in a circle?

    This is so awesome ^_^ Halo + Lego = EPICNESS
    Great Job to who made this

    Now how long until someone makes a to scale one in minecraft...

    that's actually what I thought this article was about when I saw the picture.

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