I Just Assembled A $2m Mecha. It's Glorious.

Earlier this year, Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry started making nerd dreams real: it introduced a huge 13-foot mecha it planned to manufacture and sell.

Dubbed Kuratas, people can pilot the mecha, which moves about. There are also options like a water bottle launcher and a gatling gun which fires 6,000 BB pellets a minute. Oh, and you can also control the mecha with your iPhone.

Sounds cool, no? You should really try to put together your own.

Kuratas starts at US$1.35 million, but if you want things like a drink holder or a genuine leather seat, that's extra. Ditto for the water bottle launcher.

In an interview with NicoNico News, Kuratas' creator Kogoro Kurata said, "In the month plus since we've started accepting orders, we've gotten over three thousand."

It's not clear if Kurata is talking about actual orders, or doing what I did on the Suidobashi Heavy Industry website: create an awesome, $US2 million mecha that I will never buy, press "buy now", and register an email address.

Doing so gets an automatic response from Suidobashi Heavy Industry, stating that I will be contacted "within a few days". A few days during which I can bask in the glory of my mecha before being slapped with the reality of its $US2 million price tag.

ついに実現した巨大ロボット「クラタス」。お値段は1億円なり! [NicoNico News]

Easy to Buy [Suidobashi Heavy Industry]

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    Giant mechas' are by far the best thing that will happen to this world
    especially ones with drink holders!
    hopefully by the time i can afford one they will be cheaper (ish)

    it's only a matter of time until we're going off to war in gundams/mech suits

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