If Only I’d Enjoyed Old Republic As Much As I Enjoyed This Book

If Only I’d Enjoyed Old Republic As Much As I Enjoyed This Book

Despite still, somehow, being a big Star Wars fan, and also one who appreciates the work that goes into the lore behind a BioWare game, you’d think I’d have been first in line playing Old Republic. But nope.

Couldn’t stand it. Which was a shame, because the game’s official encyclopaedia, which I was sent last week, is terrific, and serves as a constant reminder of all the deep storylines and art and detailed worlds that I’ll never ever see, but can now appreciate regardless.

It’s a funny book. It’s not really an art book, because much of imagery consists of in-game images and models (though there’s still plenty of concept art). It’s not really an encyclopaedia, because it’s not just about lore; it’s as much a player guide as a reference book. And it’s not really a player guide because it doesn’t deal in specific tips, just general guides to locations.

So it’s going to be of most use to players of the game, then, but seeing as Star Wars is a universe familiar to most, there’s nothing stopping even someone who’s never played the game to pick it up and know what’s going on.

Indeed, it can almost work in the opposite direction. There’s a ton of cool stuff in here, especially on the history of the current conflicts raging the galaxy and of the Sith that makes for good reading; you’ve got to wonder whether coming out with this stuff first might have hooked Star Wars fans into playing the game.

It also makes you a little sad to see the state the game is in at the moment; there’s just so much love and work that’s gone into building these worlds and the stories you play through on them, it’s a shame to think so much of it will go unseen and never experienced because the game they’re a part of hasn’t exactly been the blockbuster hit it was supposed to be.


  • I had a dream last night I was playing a game in the SWTOR universe, but it was XCOM style. It was approximately 10000% better than the real SWTOR.

  • I still raid swtor. but the main reason it doesn’t have the subs is because ppl want it to be a WoW killer and forget about having fun with it. its not WoW in space,played WoW after i played swtor and the only thing that WoW does better is more content which is to be expected. So many ppl want to walk into this and have 20operations waiting for them. Hell i double clicked my mini map in WoW and it didn’t even bring up a main map :/ bad design imho

    • Content, features and the game engine are the only areas Wow is superior. The first two are understandable the third not so much. I think most people would agree Swtor’s engine let it down big time. I do agree however Swtor is superior then Wow in just about everything else. It’s pvp is more fun but they need to remove the gear grind at 50 and use the bolster system that pre 50 uses like GW2 does. I haven’t given up on Swtor the potential is still there if they smooth out the gameplay, fix the engine to support more then 10 vs 10, continue to add content, mini games, expand space combat and add more Star Wars to the game. I have been subbed since day one and hope the F2P transition breaths new life into the game.

    • I stopped playing SWTOR because it dragged on too much. I loved every part of it except for the missions. Sure, it’s less ‘kill 100 goblins’ and ‘pick 200 wheat’ than WoW, but the story missions get stale and repetitive really quickly. Also, it felt like they were trying to go for a very long term game with years of future content, which for me meant play for ages, get very little ‘end game’.

  • Does this encyclopedia have much in it about KOTOR era stuff, or is it mostly TOR? I can see a couple of pages about the Jedi Civil War/Revan and Malak, but if it had more early era content about it I’d probs buy it.

    • there’s KOTOR stuff in terms of background info with, like you say, some characters and stuff. it’s actually pretty deep in that regards, lots of historical stuff.

      • Sweet. Looks like I’m buying one. I hope (though dont expect) there’s some stuff related to Zayne Carrick and the KOTOR comics.

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