If Sega Made A Smash Bros. Game, I Would Die A Happy Man

A criticism levelled at Sony's upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (aside from the name) is the fact that the brand is lacking in the star power of Nintendo's Smash Bros. series.

Which it is, no question. Nobody can match Nintendo for the number of famous mascots it has under its wing. But if one company can come close, it's Sega, and while the publisher has let its characters play in series like Smash Bros. before, and has even made a wacky fighting game, it'd be a lot cooler to see it come up with its own entry in the genre.

So thank Chilean artists Maximiliano and Leonardo for this fantasy series, showing characters like Ulala, Kazuma, Axel and Billy Hatcher get their time in the ass-kicking sun.

SONIC and SEGA ALL STAR WARZONE [DeviantArt, via Destructoid]


    I would die a happy man if there was a NintendoXSega

      Aoi Sekai no Chuushin... Not quite a game, but you are welcome.

      NintendoXPlaystation End the debate, start the fight!

    Sonic was in SSBB. He's the only character ever to be banned from tournaments, not for being overpowered, but just downright annoying. And this is a game with Pikachu in it.

    Last edited 25/10/12 5:09 pm

      Sonic was never banned, only Metaknight was.

      Sonic was never banned from tournament play. In fact, he was pretty low-tier.

    If I've read my Sega fan fiction right the game would be mighty disturbing.

    I don't want to play any more games with Sonic and his shitty friends

      I agree. Let it go away, quietly into the night.

    Y'know, Jack Cayman doesn't have to be in black and white, he's in colour in Anarchy Reigns.

    Nintendo characters are great.... If ur 5. Lets be honest - mario was better when he was the bad guy and every other nintendo character is only relevant to certain generations. Have not purchased a nintendo product since the original game&watches. Nintendo need to grow up and make more mature products. Afterall its the older people who have the money - not the kids.

      Nintendo didn't sell all those Wiis and DSes by aiming at the "mature" market. They did well because they made casual gamers believe it would be "fun".

      Your comment comes off as childish and immature, it's hard to believe your as old as your making yourself out to be. If you were, you would be about my age and grown up on Sega and Nintendo with all their games, mature or not.

      Gaming is about fun and entertainment - not trying to prove you have balls while still waiting for them to drop. I'm an adult and I'll buy and play more, as you imply, "immature" games then the so called adult games.

      Nintendo are quite good at what they do, I'd rather them stay doing what they are best at and let others do the so called adult games.

      So, how's high school? Are you passing all your classes? Don't worry, when you grow up and become an adult, you won't worry about trying to appear "mature", you'll just know a great, timeless game when you see it, and you'll love every moment of it.

      My parents purchased my game and watches.
      So you are saying the Mario series peaked at DONKEY KONG JR. That is sad. So very sad. Mario 64. Mario kart. I cry for you.

    Didn't they make a sonic/sega fighting game?


      Yes they did. It is referenced in the article above.

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