If You Buy Resident Evil 6 On PSN, Don’t Download The Patch

If You Buy Resident Evil 6 On PSN, Don’t Download The Patch

By most accounts, Resident Evil 6 isn’t very good. But if you are playing it — and if you plan to buy it digitally on the PS3’s PlayStation Network — don’t download the day-one patch.

A few gamers in Europe contacted IGN yesterday to report issues with their copies of Capcom’s new survival-horror game. In a statement, Capcom confirmed that there’s a bug:

Essentially it is recognised that some consumers who downloaded the game from the PSN store pre-loaded (pre-order) or within the early hours of launch may be experiencing problems booting up the game. In short, early purchasers who tried to download the game from PSN store may have seen an error message, after they downloaded the day 1 patch. The patch has created an issue and prevents people booting the game. The temporary fix to ensure people can enjoy RE6 today as intended is to ask those people to un-install the game (only if they originally saw an error message) and re-install the game. This time they won’t be prompted to download the patch and the game will load. Please note however, these people won’t be able to play against disc owners on a temporary basis. We are working with SCEE (Sony) to fix this issue and a patch is imminent to fix the issue. Please note that those people who downloaded the game from the PSN store originally won’t be able to access RE.net at this time, but this will be fixed by the imminent patch. We will keep people updated as soon as we know more and thank them for their patience.

The problem may be limited to Europe right now, but if you want to be safe, try not to download that patch — and uninstall/reinstall if you do. Note that this is only for people buying the game from the PlayStation Network; a couple of Kotaku staffers have played all of Resident Evil 6 on PS3 without any issues.

PS3 Gamers Having Issues with Resident Evil 6 [IGN]


  • I preordered it myself and if you have PS+, it will have downloaded the patch automatically by now.
    The only solution is to delete RE6 and re-download it from the store, in which case it’s a non-preorder copy and works fine. Had to do this last night.

    First and last time I use the PSN preorder service.

    • Oh, and of course this only applies to preorder customers. If you purchase/download RE6 from PSN after release, you’ve got no issues. Only affects preinstallations.

      • I had no issues and I pre ordered and downloaded patch. Was playin online last night. Im one of those people who read anout bugs and glitches for game I play but never get effected by them. Its must be luck or something.

      • No it belongs to Capcom u juvenile maggot.
        Capcom developed the patch, capcom developed the game, all Sony does is get the game and put it on the PS store.

        Im startin to think u havent played capcom games before to think its Sonys fault.
        Go learn about the game industry alot more before you play the blame game, cause it has nothing to do with sony.
        Obviously ur an Xbox fanboy so Ill stop talkin to loosers like you who have nothing better to do then find gaming sites to bad mouth Sony and PS3. Whats funny is that you probaly say stuff like “I Have both console and xbox is soooo much better, blah blah blah.

        Just shut your brown stained mouth and get a life.

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