If You Like Running Down A Street And Shoving People, You'll Probably Like This Game

This is Shove Pro, a new game that is hitting iPad and iPhone this November. It... well, I think I'll just let this silly trailer speak for itself.


    Its not April 1st, so this could be actually real. oh dear

    great idea. terrible execution by the looks of it.

    if your game is so bad you have to advertise it with clips from 30 year old movies, not a good sign.

      Looks like this video went waaay over your head.

      Those were clearly fake.

    Awesome, awesome trailer. But the game looks like poop.

    Anyone else spot Richard Lemarchand? This could be a game to watch

    I'd hate to see the non-pro version!

    Good concept, but it looks worse than dogs breakfast, and the physics are an atrocity.

    Anyone who's played GTA IV knows that one of it's few gameplay highlights is bumping into and pushing people, making it the definitive shoving game by far. Running down a street and smashing the windows of a row of cars is also a good sport.

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