If You Own A PC, Go Try Iconoclasts

Has it been over a year since we looked in on the wonderful Iconoclasts? It has? Better fix that, then. The game, while still a while from being finished, is playable.

By you, that is. You can go download an alpha build over on the game's site.

As with creator Joakim Sandberg's Noitu Love, it's a combination of gorgeous pixel graphics and shooting, with some platforming thrown in as well.

The default controls are a little weird to get your head around, but once you manage, with some generous auto-aim and precise jumping you'll do just fine.

Get on it.

THE ICONOCLASTS [Konjak, via PC Gamer]


    How to install? i downloaded the 2 alpha and it doesnt seem to work?

    Umm.. that looks like the path Megaman SHOULD have taken as opposed to nothing/failure.
    That looks awesome ^_^

    I like those visuals, like a cross between Metal Slug and Bastion. Let us know when it's finished!

    you don't install just extract the file and run .exe

    kinda reminds me of cave story

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