If You Want To Be Taken Seriously, Don't Call Your Game Warface

Crytek, the studio behind the Crysis series and its eye-bleeding Cryengine graphics tech, are getting ready to launch their newest game. It's a free-to-play shooter. It's already out in some parts of the world and it's called Warface.

Yes. That is the name. "Warface".

Crytek would very much like you to take this game seriously. They have created a gaggle of dramatic promotional images like the one above, mostly of frowning men with guns. These men have a Job To Do. That job is written all over their faces. The writing looks... like war.

Crytek is attempting to take Warface and free-to-play seriously, according to a new article over at Polygon. That isn't going to happen. When I see "taking seriously" in the same sentence as "Warface", I don't take it seriously at all.

This isn't to say that dumb names can't catch on. After all, we're already tossing around "Wii U" like it's a perfectly normal, not-at-all ridiculous name. But it's been ages since Crytek's game was announced, and Warface sounds just as clunky and silly as ever.

"What are you going to do after school today, man?"

"Oh, you know. Go home. Have a Hot Pocket. Play some Warface."

It sounds for all the world like a playground insult:

Billy: "You're a big stinky-pants!"

Bobby: "Yeah, well you're a WARFACE!" [Starts crying]

I like Crytek's games. Warface might even be fun, in a meat-and-potatoes shooter kind of way. But I swear, as long as it continues sporting that ridiculous name, a huge subset of people, including me, are never going to take it seriously.

Crytek taking free-to-play seriously with 'Warface' [Polygon]


    I think you misinterpreted the meaning of "Warface", it does not literally mean "War" with a "Human face", it is about the evolution of what war has become, kind of like the "persona" of war. If you watch a few of the trailers, you will see that it builds up to this -> demonstrating new technology and weapons/tactics and then labelling the new methods as the new face of war.

      Then they should have called it Face of War. While I don't share the outrage of the author, it's still a stupid name since to any native english speaker it's not going to read as face of war. It sounds like a crappily translated game from Korea or something

    No offense but why have such a huge reaction to its name now? The names has been kicking around for a over a year.

    Warface isn't the greatest name ever but we have already had "Future Soldier" and soon will have "Warfighter". Besides there are way worse titles going around: 365/2 days, Dream Drop Distance, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy , etc.

    Last edited 21/10/12 12:41 pm

      Not a fan of Kingdom Hearts are we,365/2 days, Dream Drop Distance sound great to me as well as warface,People should get use to new names instead of living in the past with old names.

    Shouldn't a writer discourage this kind of idiotic thinking?

    Not 'War Cry'? :p

      Y'know, that WOULD have been a better title all 'round.

      I think it sounding too much like Far Cry would be the issue there.

    I don't see the issue with the name.

    What's more interesting to me, is the obvious Hamlet reference in the picture...

      "Alas, poor Yorrick, I knew him well ere I shot him in the face and verily, I teabagged him repeatedly"

    In before 'War Winner' becomes some studios next game.

    I see kirk has just discovered the Joy of Rockpapershotgun and their glorious pun threads

      Although, the WarFace meme has been around on RPS so long that it's gone past it's expiry date. I look forward to reliving it on Kotaku.

    I don't see a problem with the name. I just think of Full Metal Jacket when I hear the name.


      Exactly. I don't understand the issue with the name. A war face is the same notion as a war cry is it not? Seems fitting for a video game about soldiers...

    I think kirk wants it to be like something like call of crysis or medal of crysis or crysis of war. Something like that to give it some original name +sounds like war


    I think the problem is the the writer o this article is an idiot. People dont care about the name of the game, they care about the Developer that is making it.
    Warface is a good name. they are giving us this game for free and your complaining that it will be a crap game because of its name.

    Honestly Kotaku, you really need to fire some of your writers. Half the bloody Storys I click on is just a bunch of rambling on about crap or is just a 5 sentence article.

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