If You're Streaming A Game Online, Don't Start Jerking Off On Camera, OK? [NSFW]

Poor Slooshi. The League of Legends player was livestreaming one of his rounds earlier today when, in a fit of boredom, he decided to alt+tab and do something else.

Like, uh, go watch some porn. And knock one off.

In a scenario that makes your standard "go to high school naked" nightmare seem like a lottery winning, his capture gear recorded the whole thing, from his own face and, uh, actions to what he was actually watching on his desktop.

This should have resulted in about the worst day ever for the poor kid, and certainly cause for a long seclusion from all things internet, but nope. He's already returned to livestreaming and has somehow taken the whole thing in his stride, even joking that it was a "tactic" and changing the banner of his streaming site to read "Got caught fapping AMA". Which is awesome.

Absolute Legend's Slooshi (2500) Scrim in 5~ minutes Got caught fapping AMA [Slooshi]

aL Slooshi new lvls of derp [LoL]

slooshi busted fapping [tek-9]


    Just what the hell luke?

      Just what the hell @Zetrox2k?
      Not sure if you're complaining?
      This is hilarious.

      I'm fine with this one, wasn't one sentence, explained what happened rather than linking to a story and leaving it with that. Relevant and hilarious. Thumbs up.

    Richard Smack Approves of this article

      Weresmurf approves of Richard Smack Version 2's approval and approves himself.

    You wanna slap a NSFW tag on this, and throw up some Codtakus while you're at it?

      The inclusion of "jerking off" in the title wasn't enough of a flag?

      It had one when I wrote it on the US site. Our tags don't carry over here, which is why Mark's put a big [NSFW] at the end of the headline.

    I posted the other day asking why an article about Zombies was considered off-topic for Kotaku while lewd cosplay & booth babes was considered "on-topic". I was called a kill-joy and my post was reported... This article is one that I find lewd, crass and so awesomely on-topic that I'm still having trouble containing my laughter. Such an awesome & awkwardly embarrassing thing to happen!

    Well that is the best way to handle these kind of things. Just hold your head high, accept it and move on. Trying to bury it or pretend it didn't happen just makes people laugh at you.

    I think it's a high possibility this is planned.

    With the recent streamers being caught sleeping and naked, and the incredibly rise in views that come with it, it's actually a brilliant tactic if you're focused on getting viewers and ideally moving in to the "My job is a streamer" world.

      Controversy gets you views, wouldn't be the first time someone did something controversial to get into the spotlight.

    Locodoco was better.

      Hold your head high.....too funny

    Finally. A worthwhile article from Plunkett.
    This is some seriously funny shit.

    The guy has bigger tits than the girl!

    At least it's normal porn and not some of that other stuff you can find on the internet...

    gaming and fapping go hand in hand, no pun intended

    Such a Stereotype choice. Picks Asa Akira in an asian massage parlour themed porno.......

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