I'll Have Whatever Drugs Far Cry 3 Is Having

When I played Far Cry 3 last week, I was impressed by a lot of things — but chief among them was the audacity of the in-game drug sequences. Not many games have your character straight-up take hallucinogens, but why the heck not? As games like Alan Wake and Batman: Arkham Asylum demonstrated, it's possible to creatively re-use in-game assets to build surreal, fascinating dreamscapes.

Sequences like the ones in the video above can also be used to creatively fill in backstory (Note the voice that I'm assuming belongs to Jason's girlfriend telling him that she got the role), and can generally be a lot of weird fun.

I pulled out the two better drug sequences to give a sense of what I'm talking about. Hopefully the full game will feature a lot more of these.


    Looks good! But knowing Australia's guidelines for classification regarding drug use we'll probably have to import it. :(

      But don't we have the R18+ rating for this specific purpose?

        I hope so. But from what I can remember from the draft guidelines it seemed like there is still a good chance depictions of drug use getting a game banned outright :/

        Here's hoping I'm wrong. Looks intriguing

        I don't think it matters, the guidelines still say any use of drugs that has a positive impact isn't allowed. I think that's mostly regarding real world drugs though, so if they give them a fake name they might get it through the process. I remember fallout 3 had to have drugs changed from morphine to a fake name to pass our guidelines.

      The understanding I have of our clasification system as it currently stands is that drug use is allowed, so long as it doesn't give you an advantage or make your character stronger in any way.

        Oh yeah that was in there. I guess maybe it will get through fine.

          Thank you, Classification Board..

    Who cares, either way just import it. Cheaper and uncensored guaranteed. Plus, in practice I have no doubt in my mind that if this were to be submitted once the R rating is implemented, it's not going to be banned lol and yes I've read the legislation. Don't be so bloody paranoid.

    Irrelevant though since it HAS been passed with an MA. Get with the program kiddos.

    Why is it OK to write about drug taking in a positive light? Doesn't it send the wrong message??

    The R18+ isn't going to change a thing, its the same classification guidelines as before... So Mortal Kombat 10 or whatever will not make it to australia. It's just going to make COD/GTA etc. 18+ only... This is fact, don't think the R18+ is actually going to help us get our games into this country, because its not.

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