In Dishonored, Stealth Is For The Boring

Having got the fancy ending for Dishonored, I thought I had some skills. Turns out my only skills were patience and cowardice. The way Flakked gets things done in this video shows me that my second, more violent playthrough might be a lot more interesting.

That slide near the end is the stuff of highlight reels.

Dishonored - Spring Razors and Messin' With Guards [YouTube, via PC Gamer]


    I have that same feeling. I keep being reminded by the game that I should be good and stealthy, and not kill too many people, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fun...I'm starting to get less careful and more violent the further in I get.

    Lol. If you go full on agressive, you will not win. Ever. You HAVE to steal some parts to get past. Or use your skills really well.

    Me, I think it dose take skill to stealth though it. Not the skill of being stealthy, but the skill of control. If you are charging though, then your not showing much control of your self.

    Try playing stealth and undetected in every level on the hardest difficulty. Took me ages

    My 2nd playthrough was fully lethal on the hardest setting. Terminator. Every level.

    There was some SEVERE frustration once the tall boys started coming out. The game is really designed for stealth. Plus I got bored with the same weapons constantly. Really needs more variety.

      I thought the combat was visceral and smooth enough to keep me engaged during my Rambo playthrough.

      And I must accentuate the smoothness of the combat (even though the whole game is indeed a slick feeling game), combining pistol blasts inbetween well placed stuns from multiple slashes of my sword, and using quick jumps with Blink between enemies made me feel like I was Nightcrawler in the opening scene of X-Men 2.

      try blinking on top of the tall boys and going for a drop assassination, works pretty well

        I did that constantly. In fact, I think it was the only way i tended to take them down.

        But you need to get everything just right to do it. Hence, frustration as on hardest level, they can 2 shot kill you, and they have great aim.

        It's still a totally playable game though. I give it 7/10. Definitely had fun with it.

    i did a fully lethal playthrough first and then i did a non leathal i think the non lethal was better because i could hear tons of convos

      Yeah, a lethal playthrough is definitely the more boring one. No powers (except blink 1), no kills, no alerts on hardest was a much more interesting and engaging game, particularly combined with listening to convos, the heart's whispers, reading the books etc. The horrible non-lethal punishments you dish out to the targets are also far more satisfying than just straight up killing them.

    I played aggressively every time I tried sneaking I just ended up killing everything

    That was pretty cool. This is the best example of playing action style that I have seen.

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