In Which Alex Plays A Video Game With A Pill Bug

That's the name of the painting. "Alex plays a video game with a pill bug". Pretty much nails it.

All those little arms, one on each button. I bet he'd be super handy in multiplayer.

Alex plays a video game with a pill bug [bijijoo, via Ian Brooks]


    Ddin't spot the bug for a while.

    Thought pattern -
    what bug this doesn't make sense
    Looks closely at photo
    *face palm*

    That is really excellent.

    What game are they playing? It makes me think of farming twinkling titanite off clams in the crystal caves in Dark Souls, but that can't be it as it's not same-screen multiplayer.

    Where's the Xbox? I see the Kinect, the Xbox controller he's holding but where's the console?

      There's what looks like a PS3 next to the TV, so I think the XBox is in the cabinet, probably behind the glass.

    Kinda cool, but with black humour, I came in hoping to see see him playing a game with a pill bug... as the controller. Kind of like an eXistenZ parody.

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