It Won't Be Long Until An Elder Scrolls-Size Game Is Running On A Phone

Sure, it's not going to be the same size as something like Skyrim, or even Morrowind. But the upcoming sequel to Ravensword: The Fallen King, called Ravensword: Shadowlands, isn't for a PC. It's for a mobile phone.

The rate at which these mobile devices are catching up to other platforms is more than a little terrifying.

'Ravensword: Shadowlands' Continues To Look Like A Game We'd Like To Play In Latest Trailer [TouchArcade]


    Thinking back to my gaming rig in 1997, this stuff makes my jaw drop all the more.

    Thats nice and all, but until they get the controls situation worked out (i.e. lack there of) i dont care how great the graphics are. Its gonna be a horrible to play using touch controls.

    Looks to have a greater draw distance, greater frame rate and (depending on the phone) a greater screen resolution than Skyrim on the PS3. Our consoles are getting old. The can't run current gen games properly.

    Will this be only iOS? I'm getting an iPad 3 in the next couple of weeks.. this would be awesome if it supports iPad 3's new display..

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