It’s Bubble-Popping In Space, With Buddies

It’s Bubble-Popping In Space, With Buddies

Coming soon to iOS and Android from the creators of Jewels with Buddies, Dice with Buddies and Casual Sex with Buddies (he’s lying about that last one), Bubble Galaxy with Buddies combines turn-based asynchronous multiplayer with the joy of Bust-A-Move. In spaaaaaaaace.

Developer Scopely has done quite well with its “With Buddies” line of games, so much so that they’ve recently announced $US8.5 million in funding to expand the free-to-play franchise. So they’re preparing to launch their own free-to-play space program, sending adorable animals into the airless voice for your bubble-popping amusement.

Rather than sitting back and admiring your friends’ scores from afar, Bubble Galaxy with Buddies lets you challenge them to 60-second rounds, the player with the highest score winning the respect of his peers and bragging rights. There’s even an in-game chat system so you can exercise those bragging rights.

Want to play? Go to this website and wait.

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