It's Halloween Everywhere. Even In Minecraft.

Sure, creepers are, well, creepy on their own. But maybe they're just not creepy enough.

The Xbox 360's version of Minecraft is getting a new, Halloween-themed skin pack tomorrow, the Official Xbox Magazine reports. There are 55 new skins in the pack, contributed by a baker's dozen of developers like Rare, Tequila Works, and Twisted Pixel.

The Halloween skin pack runs for 160 Microsoft points, and the entire purchase price will be donated to charities, including cancer support organisations and Child's Play.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Halloween Skin Pack - 55 skins, 13 developers, all for charity [Official Xbox Magazine]


    No matter what you think of Notch and Mojang, you have to agree that donating all of the proceeds to charities is pretty amazing. I think hell will freeze over before EA or Ubisoft do something similar. If only more companies were run by passionate employees rather than businessmen.

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