It's Not A Crime To Paint LEGO

I mean, it should be. The whole point of LEGO is that it allows people to create (or recreate) things within the bounds of a visual style that's supposed to be basic.

Yet here we have a Maschinen Krieger vehicle (explanation here), painted like it was some Warhammer 40K miniature,'s not terrible. It's actually pretty great.

Now I feel like I can't believe in anything I used to believe in anymore.

VolumeX :'s photostream [FlickR, via Brothers Brick]


    I had trouble visually discerning the pieces, props to him

    As a serious AFOL, Luke can go jump.

    These are badass.

      He did say these are great..

        Eh, whoops. Missed that line. I only got the several-hundred lines above it that sounded negative, so forgive me.

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