It's Persona 4, But With Real Humans And Big Costumes

With Visualive Persona 4 the Evolution, popular title Persona 4 returns to the stage. Once again, it's a theatrical extravaganza that mixes multimedia effects to bring Persona to life.

Japanese game site Famitsu was on hand to check out the recent performance, which runs until October 9 at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo.

舞台"VISUALIVE『ペルソナ4』the EVOLUTION"上演開始! [ファミ通]


    Wow. I didn't know they were into the habit of turning games into stage performances. Well, good on them. If they like the game that much, I'm happy for them to get the maximum level of enjoyment out of it.

    I don't know how they would have summarized P4's story into a play, though.

      The Japanese do a lot of things like this. Anime is another medium they typically have stage plays of too.

    Why must this be playing now and not in May next year when I go to Japan!

    Also: awesome!

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