It’s Time To Celebrate The Spooky Season In MMORPGs

It’s Time To Celebrate The Spooky Season In MMORPGs

Halloween is still a week from today, so you’ll have to wait until next Wednesday if you want to go trick-or-treating in the real world. (Or at least, if you want to do it without getting the cops called.)

But if you’d like to dash around a virtual world in costume, gathering treats and performing tricks, you’re in luck. MMOs far and wide have Halloween events going on for a week or two. So if you’re ready to dive into the spookier side of things, here are some places you can get your ghost and goblin fix.


Guild Wars 2
Shadow of the Mad King
October 22 – November 1

“Shadow of the Mad King” follows on the heels of the annual Halloween event from the original Guild Wars. The full set of events is unfolding over four acts over the next two weeks but right now, there are Halloween-themed goodies for sale on the Black Lion Trading Company, and decorations in Lion’s Arch and elsewhere.

Mysterious (totally not spooky at all, nope) portals have also begun to appear around Tyria. Where do they lead? Well, finding the Mad King at the end certainly does seem likely. Our own Kirk Hamilton wrote his impressions of a hands on experience with Guild Wars 2‘s seasonal fare.


The Secret World
The Cat God
October 18 – November 1

The undead are kind of par for the course in The Secret World, really. A day with zombies, ghosts, and ghouls in its world isn’t “Halloween,” it’s, “Tuesday.”

The Secret World‘s third content update issue, then, takes players into something more than just a jaunt with run-of-the-mill eldritch horrors. It stars… the cat god. (Anyone who doesn’t think a cat god can be scary has clearly never been awakened by the gleaming eyes of a fuzzy hellion at three in the morning.)

Events begin in Kingsmouth — where a previous Halloween, evil came over the sea — and end in a PvE version of Stonehenge. Where better to see what Samhain brings?


“Masquerade Mayhem”
October 23 – November 5

Tera promises an array of tricks and treats to its denizens, starting today. Cake and candy are appearing all over the world — who can say no to sweets?

The dungeons, quests, and treat-gathering all, of course look delicious. But the highlight of Tera‘s Halloween festivities is no doubt going to be the Masquerade Ball and costume contest, on October 30. Players can enter in the categories of funniest, scariest, best single, and best group. (See the rules.)

If the Masquerade Ball is anything like the Halloween dances I vaguely remember from high school, a truly perplexing number of people will show up dressed as characters from Grease.


World of Warcraft
Hallow’s End
October 18 – 31

World of Warcraft has Hallow’s End down to a science at this point. The world is transformed: every hamlet, village, town, and city seems to be celebrating. Every jack-o-lantern tempts travellers with treats.

And of course, what’s Halloween without a chance to play tricks on your rivals? The Horde and Alliance are at each other’s throats again, this time with stink bombs and with bonfire sabotage. Of course, since the world is populated with the sort of charitable do-gooders that will stop and perform a quest for every farmer on the continent, there are ways to make an orphan’s day. With candy. Because candy is awesome.

And naturally, because WoW is WoW, there are seasonal mounts to buy. Personally, I’m a fan of that broomstick.


  • It says .au no one cares about this silly american only night of fat kids getting fatter. Contradicts itself – Oh no vampire run …… Oh wait too fat to run. Roll.

    • wat

      Halloween is a more American holiday, sure, but it’s still widely celebrated in Australia, especially more recently – in the past five years I’ve been to a number of Halloween events and have even taken kids trick or treating, to which their neighbours were more than happy to accommodate.

      Plus, this is an article on MMORPG events, many of which are played around the world – including Australia. 🙂

      • no it is not widely celebrated in australia, last year a bunch of kids in costumes went knocking on every single door in my apartment building, I was interested in people’s reaction so I followed them after they knocked on my door, and all but 3 doors went something along the lines of “Huh? What? Sorry I have no candy” a couple added “but I’ve got beer though, you kids want beer?”

        • Perhaps that’s just your area… also the fact that you’re in an apartment building, which probably isn’t quite as welcoming to trick or treating kids. In neighbourhoods with houses, you generally tend to see people who are happy to accommodate kids in costumes by their front lights being on, or sometimes even decorations.

          And, again, this is a gaming site, and this is an article about an event in games… I think it fits pretty well. 😛

      • No, no, no. You’re doing it wrong. You can’t use facts and sensible logic to counter a troll post. You have to make angry yelling noises and make yourself look bigger than them. Or maybe that’s bears…

    • Yup. Though it’s still the same kind of Halloween event. Still pretty neat to see all the shop NPCs as monsters, though… I was kinda shocked to see a Bogy at the counter.

      “Sorry, our shops are closed at night.”

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