Japan's Amazing Drink Can Sculptures Will Melt Your Mind

Makaon has a hobby. She likes to make sculptures of pop culture characters as well as insects, animals, and more. But she doesn't use clay. She doesn't use stone. Makaon uses cans.

Beer cans, soda cans, cocktail cans, and energy drink cans are her palette, which she uses to create her mind-blowingly wonderful work.

Makaon introduces her latest creations on her blog, subtitled "Making Various Things with Empty Cans", and on her website, dubbed "Empty Can Craft" (via Spoon & Tamago). What makes her work so interesting is not just that she's recycling empty cans, but also — depending on how knowledgeable you are of drinks sold in Japan — how you can see her process.

For example, her Mario sculpture uses red Coke cans for Mario's iconic red hat (and shirt). Black Coke Zero cans were used for Mario's mustache, hair, and shoes. His navy overalls were done in Suntory Kinmugi, while canned cocktail drinks made his gloves and face.

Not all of her work stays faithful to the original colour combinations. Above, she made Darth Vader out of silver Asahi Super Dry beer cans. Black Coke Zero cans are probably been "truer" to Vader's black helmet, but might not have looked so incredibly awesome.

The range of Makaon's work is staggering — from beetles to Ultraman and from Batman to My Little Pony.

While you peruse her work, try not to constantly imagine how much beer and soda was consumed to make these creations possible.

Click each image to expand to full size.

空き缶クラフトinブログ [空き缶クラフト]

手作りクラフト [空き缶クラフト via Spoon & Tamago]


    The sculptures, while cool, don't appear to have melted my mind.

    I could do that I just don't want to.

    It's like papercraft, but with razor sharp aluminium! Maybe it's Extreme Papercraft. Pretty amazing though.

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